• Image of Forest LP / Art Print
  • Image of Forest LP / Art Print

A celebration of music and nature with a wonderful quote by Spanish philosopher / poet / essayist George Santayana - most famous for the saying, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

According to Wiki: "Santayana, like many philosophers from the late nineteenth century, was a naturalist (that is, he denied the existence of supernatural beings, like gods and ghosts), but he found profound meaning in literary writings and in religious ideas and texts (which he regarded as fundamentally akin to literature). Santayana was a broad ranging cultural critic whose observations spanned many disciplines. He said that he stood in philosophy "exactly where [he stood] in daily life." "

This print measures 18x24 on natural paper. 3 colors. Signed by artist. Illustrated by Frida Clements and printed by Broken Press / Seattle, Washington.

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